Monday, March 1, 2010

Patience Was My Word of the Day

Okay I think my patience has finally paid off. Let me say I just spend the entire day attaching the binding to my quilt. Wow what a process. When I put the quilt together I acted like the back was the top and vise versa. It worked great for me and I centered the truck perfectly on the quilt.

But......then I had to attach the binding to the front. Ughhh. First I had to trim down the brown corduroy to 1/4 inch. Usually not a big deal but this quilt is so fluffy it was quite a taste. But not difficult. Then I went to attach the binding. I thought I was on the home stretch, this is usually the easy part. I didn't account for how fluffy the quilt was. I guess I am used to flatter ones. So this is where my pictures come in to explain.

First I had to put pins in the quilt top to keep the fluff down and so that the corduroy didn't bunch and get sewn into the binding.

Then I had to pin down the binding on top of the already pinned quilt. I know look at all those pins!!

This is what it ended up looking like before I sewed it on. CRAZY!!

But in the end it did work!! It was a lot of work and had to remind myself to go slow and it would all work out. But it was a long, long day. I think for once I will enjoy the easy process of hand sewing the binding down. There can't be any complications there.....can there?


  1. Sewing down the binding is also my favorite part of the process! The end is near.

  2. Hooray! You're almost there!