Thursday, May 20, 2010

Teacher Gifts!

So here are my teacher gifts I made. The room mom is putting together a basket with all things summer. So I decided to try to make my own Practical Bag. Again I was too cheap to buy the pattern so I figured it all out myself based on a picture.

I think they turned out pretty well.  They look almost exactly like the Practical Bag although I think they are a little bigger.  Which is okay with me because I was thinking they would be great pool bags or beach bags!

I ended up putting interfacing on the outside fabric of this bag and not the inside. I think it gives it just a little bit of shape without it being too much.  And I think the coordinating lining is perfect.  I hope they like them!

  Now that these are done I have about 4 more to make for my son's teacher and all my daughter's elective teachers.  It is her last year in preschool so I want to give everyone a present this year.  We have been at this preschool for 4 years now and I will miss them all dearly next year.

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  1. these bags are gorgeous...i love the shape