Friday, January 8, 2010

Taking Pictures!

Okay, one of my big goals for this year is to learn and perfect how to take awesome pictures of my stuff. I have really struggled with this. I finally learned that I could take great pictures outside. So I was able to take some decent pictures of my quilts and now it is winter. So I feel like I am back at square one and need to figure out how to take decent pictures inside.

I have tried to still take them outside, but it is winter and the sun is never just right. Plus it is cold outside and I HATE being cold. So I acted really pitiful today when my husband was home and he decided to help me. Yeah!! So, here is my lovely setup. I know it is nothing spectacular but it seems to be working pretty well. I have a small stack of baby quilts and lovies to take pictures of and to post to etsy, maybe 4-5 of each. I still don't think the pictures do my quilts total justice because you really need to feel how soft and cuddly they are to really appreciate them, but the pictures are 100 times better than before. (Thanks hubby!)

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