Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I need more help deciding....

Well, surprise, surprise I am still undecided about how I should finish my rectangles. I hope someone out there in blogland will help me. Eeekk. I really love the rectangles and would hate to ruin the whole quilt because I don't pick the right background and backing.

So I took some pictures and laid out some options. I even took my husband with me but I really think our thought process and taste are totally different.

Option #1:
The dark brown as the border inbetween the blocks and the blue/teal fabric for the backing.

Option #2
This blue background and the brown geometric type flower for the backing.

Option #3
The brown geometric fabric for between the blocks and the blue for the backing.

I know this is a little confusing, but how about one MORE option...

Option #4
Any of the fabrics above without a border between the blocks and just a border around the outside with the blocks but up against each other. I guess I was specifically thinking about this with Option #3. I like the brown flowers but thought it might be too much between the block.

I sure hope some one can help me or at least tell me which options to throw out. I like process of elimination just as much as picking my favorite.


  1. I like option 1 :) the others are nice, but busy to me. I am sure that whatever you chose it will be great!

  2. I kind of like option 3, but I tend to like bolder patterns.

  3. Option 1 makes the blocks pop and that is good. But, there is something about option 3 I really like.

  4. I like option 1. The block colors really pop with that dark brown.

  5. I like option #1 the best-the blocks pop!

  6. I like the option of no borders around the blocks, with the brown floral for an outside border. If you really want borders I like option 3. Good luck if you haven't already done it!!