Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hi. I opened my etsy shop just under a year ago, when I finally got my own sewing machine, and thought it might be fun to blog about my projects for everyone to see and read. My etsy shop address is

I am the first to admit that sewing has become my obsession. I love going to fabric stores and picking out fabrics for certain projects and sometimes I just pick up fabric because I love it and them I have to figure out what to do with it. But as I have learned you have to get it before it is gone because the cute fabric goes fast and my local store doesn't buy more, so once it is gone it is gone.

Right now I am working on a couple of minky style baby blankets, I have the tops done and so my next step is to put all the layers together and quilt it. I know I will take a picture soon to show and tell. But that is my new figure out how to take the perfect picture of my things. I love my blankets and loveys, but I don't think my pictures show how cute and nice they actually are. So I searched the internet and I guess I need a white the tricky part will be getting my husband to help construct it. :)

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